My project explores the linkages, key people, publications, conferences and institutions that connected  disparate sites of feminist art activism into what is known as the feminist art movement.  I am particularly interested in the way academic historians and art activists created competing and complimentary notions of something called women’s culture.  Along the way I talk about why this all occurred in Cali, how the body is implicated in these concepts of women’s culture, and why the activists lost out to the historians in writing acocunts of this period in history. 
The process of writing involves heading to historical archives (like museums for historical papers).  I’ll be at Duke the first week of May and the Getty in L.A. for the month of July.  I’ll also attend conferences, like the triannual wizard tournament, conference of women’s historians, where I will present preliminary research and generally kiss ass.  Then come fall I should be write write writing with a few trips to Harvard, Smith, Rutgers and the Smithsonian.  If all goes well by August 2012 I’ll have a completed first draft manuscript and an academic publisher. 
I’ve yacked away QUITE a bit about this topic over the past ummm almost 20 years.  You can see some of the publications on my academia profile  

I’m also involved in an art exhbition which will also get me a return trip to Cali in October.