By far the best thing about teaching is the FAB students I encounter.  Some become closer than others.  My first graduating class is near and dear to my heart.  We were all new at the same time, they knew me as a new mother, and they lived through my lovely second pregnancy (complete with baby shower they threw of which I somehow have no pics).

So I was way happy to learn that one of my far flung alums was en route back to Philadelphia for the summer and I’m throwing my own impromptu reunion after graduation. 
We’re headed to Pub & Kitchen.  In a city settled by English, Germans and Irish, public meeting houses abound, from the god awful “historic” in old city, to the awesomely named Man Full of Trouble Tavern.  In more recent years, the city has developed a delightful Belgian crew and a melange of gastro-pubs.  My favorites, like the Plough and Stars, are located in repurposed historic buildings, which does not seem to be the case for Pub & Kitchen, but the awesome chimera logo makes up for it, IMHO.