I feel a bit like I’m already wasting valuable sabbatical time.  I know, its only what day four? However, I’ve set out a formidable task for myself, writing a full book length manuscript between May 2011 and August 2012, 14 months.  Right now I have bits and pieces and that approach seems to be working.  I also have a pretty strong outline created after visiting with dis adv in Jan.

So this morning I decided to start playing around with timelines (time management prob. THE most important thing for writing).  I wanted to see if I could keep playing around with stuff over the summer, writing here and there, in between conference trips and archive runs.

It panned out like this, tight very tight, and I’m a little frightened that if I get behind all will be lost, but I also know that I’m a pretty disciplined writer.

sept-nov chapter 1

dec jan  chapter 2
feb mar chap 3
april may chap 4
June july chapter 5