Last night I had a mom-date at Cork, a place in the only trendy area in south Jersey, Haddon/ Collingswood/Westmont.  The website gave good face, but upon arrival, the locale appeared, I kid you not, as nothing more than a renno’d WaWa.

In we go, a not unattractive decor, to my second pet peeve of all Jersey eating/drinking establishment, the worst service ever.  I’m not kidding, they failed to put in the order for one of our items, after checking to make sure it was still available!  We notice beer flights on the menu (!) and asked what comprised the indicated special.  Blank look from server, who queried other barkeep, who basically said “whatever they want it to be.” (ok score on the bargian three 4 oz beer samples for $8! and to be fair they helped my mom-date select a series, with the aid of a local sitting on the barstool next to mine).

Then the band started blasting away, a not terrible jazz combo, but at a volume one could hear in the ladies loo.

The upside was I got to try a new gin Hendrick’s, although I should have skipped the cucumber cosmo, which was so sweet I could barely taste the gin.  SMH