my french sucks.  Thank GOD for google translate.  Still the writings of this guy are FABULOUS

a few tidbits

in the sense we understand it and where it means a creative activity that relates specifically to the aesthetic, that is to say in Hegelian terms to express the idea in a tangible form, the concept of art is a modern concept (100)

for what is now the passage to postmodernity in art, the thesis that I would first present in a single sentence.  That that which is named– modern art – is not typical of the art of modernity as it has been understood and conceptually defined here, but it is precisely the art of transition to postmodernity (102)

and then an awesome bit about don’t get too carried away with the category of post modern art, which is really just a way of designating what is successful art right now.  Therefore we should just take it for what it is worth; It is good to render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, (but not anything more!).  Want to check my translation?  This is from the bottom of p. 102