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Pioneers in a New Era: Women’s Culture in the West
In the late 1960s California experienced an unprecedented explosion of activism around the concept of women’s culture. As Richard Candida-Smith shows in Art and Utopia, the disruption of hegemonic narratives and subsequent reliance on personal experience was central to the modernist cultural project in the West.  Lacking, however, was a means to connect the personal to larger issues.  Feminism provided that linkage.  Western feminists self-consciously styled themselves as avengers of lost generations of women artists, while also positioning themselves as pioneers of a new era.  These interwoven, yet somewhat contradictory, narratives of rescue, trailblazing, and innovation came together to create a historical narrative that was at times intensely personal, while also squarely aimed a countering patriarchal and ethnocentric accounts of the past.  This activist-oriented narrative for a period during the mid to late 1970s overlapped with the emerging field of women’s history, but ultimately by the 1980s, these narrative strategies diverged from those taken by feminists interested in women’s culture within academia.  The result was a relegation to the less prestigious, although perhaps more influential, realm of public history.   As such the narratives used by activist advocates of women’s culture in the west offer both cautionary tales and instructive strategies for future social movements.