so as my summer of productive research, but negligible writing comes to a close, I find myself with several key insights.

1. do not take children on a research trip.  It seemed so perfect — turn my fellowship into a family vacay.  Umm no, not even staying with my parents spared me from distraction.  I ended up leaving the archive 2 hours early every day to get home at a decent hour.  thankfully I worked fast enough that I saw almost everything anyway.

2. be prepared to revise.  I set out planning to write roughly one book, and my two archive trips, plus the Berks convinced me that I need to write another.  I feel like I’ve got a solid outline and my first chapter/step is in place and in progress.  I may try to publish part of it as an article to get “dibs” on the topic.

3. at some point you have to stop researching and just write. I’m going to start that in September for the most part although I already have plans in place to return in the fall to two previously visited archives.