since I write about the contemporary women’s movement, of course, many of the subjects of my book still speak, write, argue (often with me) about women’s culture.

Tonight on PBS Louise Bernikow, a poet and writer associated with second wave feminism, appears on History Detectives aiding in the research into a purple and and gold pennant that reads “Votes for Women.”

She has also written a brief piece on historical amnesia about suffrage and women’s history as a whole.

Exclusive: The Deep Black Hole of Women’s History

So I am caught in a historical nightmare in which it’s 1970 and many people, activists, writers, academics, students, are asking loudly, “Where are the women?” Our school textbooks, college curricula and public entertainment had so few. Because we asked the question, and were doing the work to answer it, things changed. A better, more balanced view of the country’s present and its past began to emerge, one with women, all kinds of women, in it. And now it’s faded again.

 hmmmm, I’m all for the above except for the last sentence