Spent today working on the Chicago Women’s Liberation Graphics Collective.  There are so many fabulous online sources

I love love love this four part video curatorial talk from Seeds of Change, an exhibition about the ways social movements produce culture.  The graphics collective is covered in Movement as Producer.  This quote by curator Josh MacPhee says it all

“all art comes out of a social context …. Some art is produced with more self- consciousness about that context. When you start to become more self-conscious about the context that you are working, then history becomes increasingly important. Understanding the past … in order to …structure … what to do in the future.”

I also stumbled across an online lecture by long-time historian of the CWLU Peg Strobel that was quite useful.  She has been involved in the wonderful cwluherstory.org website.  The graphics haven’t yet migrated to that site,  but you can still see a wonderful gallery of their graphics.