after a far too brief trip to Los Angeles for the exhibition, and some guest lectures, and some great art (which I still have to write about), and fun with sister Getty scholars, I’m back at work juggling feminist manifestos with the special issue “Beyond NY/LA” that I’m editing for Frontiers.  Oh yes, and in between, I’m still working on that book.

So my head is full of theory, both of the scholarly sort, diffusion theory and social movements, as well as the more profound sort, Habermas v Lyotard.  Whenever I work on two projects simultaneously, I’m always amazed at the way they cross propagate.  In both papers I’m trying to understand how women’s liberation movement activists of various sorts created a movement based on certain ideas.  While the Frontiers paper is driven by sociological ideas about how, what and why social movements spread certain ideas, in many ways my travels “between” Habermas and Lyotard do the same thing, except that I look at language games in the latter.   In both I end up ruminating on the outcomes for the writings of women’s movement histories.