one of the best things about the digital turn in humanities (other than the FAB archives that are now available wihtout travel) is the crowdsourcing of review.  I know scholars through similar training, same subjects, and sheer happenstance.  Even if I emailed drafts to every scholar I knew, I would reach but a fraction of the persepctives that exist among history scholars.

Posting draft work is scary.  We tend to think of ideas as possessions and fear someone “stealing” them before we get them into press.  It is also potentially embarassing to have your work ripped to shreds (I got over that in grad schools fortunately).  So to me it is more than worth it to put up works in progress if I can garner many different perspetives on the work.  I know others scholars too concerned about academic reputations to share anything less than “perfect.”

In that vein, here is a messy, not documented, conference paper in the works.  Feel free to edit directly in google docs, comment here , or via email professmorave at gmail