one of the most interesting things about studying people who produce ideology for praxis is that labels seldom work.  In the case of “women’s liberation” in the 1970s, scholars have neatly divided the field into liberal, radical and socialist feminisms, with some dispute over who belongs in what camp, but with the basic concept, that everyone can be tidily sorted intact.

Then the historians FUCK it all up.

I just found a report from 1972 LONG before any radical feminists got around to “sex positive” views, about N.O.W. , the quintessential “liberal” rights-oriented, equality-demanding feminists, hosting a sex conference complete with fantasy fashion show, sado-masochism workshops, and attracting lots of “older women” and mother-daughter pairs.

Women’s Sexuality Conference Ends in School Here: Older Women Attend

Take that Barnard Sex Conference!