One of the stupidest (literally as in ill informed) books on the women’s movement rested on the idea that feminism is about women as “victims” giving rise to the phrase “victim feminism.”

Anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of the trajectory of the women’s movement understands that women had to argue for their right to fight their own oppression TO PEOPLE WHO BELIEVED WOMEN WERE PRIVILEGED.  Hence, they had to in effect occupy the position of “victims” of sexism in order to show they were oppressed and justify their own revolution.

Still, reading speeches given in Jan of 1969 in which Marlene Webb proclaims “we are victims” and Shulmaith Firestone argues “we are powerless” is weird, and not only because the two women were completely at odds with one another at this demonstration.

wonder what these nice ladies thought of women’s lib?

It is strange to see the origins of the sexism as oppression argument precisely because these women were successful in large part in promulgating an analysis that showed the insidious nature of patriarchy in perpetuating the oppression of women.