Yesterday’s fascinating game of telephone on the twitter(womanifesto -> mamafesto -> mamafesta that I will storify soon) left me too fascinated with modernism, so Mina Loy jumped the queue.  Meanwhile progress on #AcWriMo manifesto paper not going so quickly!
Realized when I saved txt last time it was Mac ecoded not ms dos, so quickly got Mina Loy’s 1914 “rediscovered” manifesto (see Carolyn Burke’sbook for fascinating back story here). 
This exercise should be most instructive as I’m the least familiar with Loy’s text of all the manifestos I’m working with.
so checking against my emerging theories
√ hypothesis one, woman most frequent word
√ hypothesis two,  male/man/men not in top 10, but woman/women/female are indicating piece will be about women’s roles.  Interpretation furthered by life, value, self,
 sex, desire may point to critique of gender roles but going to have to use my brain for that.
Further research ?most frequent word woman same as FSW broadside, are women artists more likely speak in the singular or is this a historical relic? 
Word tree
Reveals most frequent connection is between woman and equal, and that along with the third most frequent incompletely reveals chains of association that seem to reflect critique of women’s limited role
the word tree for sex reveals, as I suspected, a critique of the limitations on women.  The chains consist mostly of negative words
yesterday many people ( ) tweeted Joanna Drucker’s argument about capta v data and I really need to read it, although the link seems to be broken at the moment.  I’m becoming increasingly anxious about how I will interpret the visualizations beyond the ‘huh yes that makes sense” or “hmmm WTF happened here?”
word count 266