Update: It is a myth that professors do “not” work in summer.  I’ve updated my open google calendar, which is now appended to my campus email along with link to my CV

All this led me to hashtag a tweet #SLACnotSlacker, which sums up how I feel about how much I’m able to publish vs how much service and teaching I do.  I love the close relationships I have with students, and I appreciate the freedom and creativity I have in designing courses, but those benefits come at a very real cost.  The service required for a small number of faculty to govern is heavy and the demands are not inconsiderable in light of the frequent course rotation I have.  All that means less time to research and publish, which I also really love.

I know I’m not the only professor wearied from the comments about how little we work.  I also sometimes wonder if people realize how much work goes into scholarly writing, blogging, maintaining a social media presence, as well as dealing with the administration of academia, even for full time teaching faculty.

update: I started this before the absurd list placing professor at #1 least stressful job appeared.  Obviously I disagree.  I love my job, but it is stressful, very stressful, and becoming only more so, even after tenure!

 So my 365 project for 2013, documenting my work on a google calendar.  The calendar documents what I do each day, as well as teaching times, scheduled meetings etc.

Feel free to follow along.