So surprise surprise most of my students in the online version of my women’s history course have chosen to live tweet as a historical figure for their “living history” assignment.

In need of an example to show them, I decided to tweet about the Civil War as Emily Dickinson, mostly because I love her and because the Civil War is too early for my students to select.  I created a detailed profile for her.

My students instructions are as follows
Find a minimum of three sources about your historical figure, hopefully at least one in the figure’s own words (diary, letter, book, articles etc) and what that is a comprehensive biography of your figure.  You may select a moment in history or a broader event depending on the amount of source material you have for your person.  Using the source material, you will them compose fifteen tweets that are as close to 140 characters as possible.  Ultimately you are shooting for about 2100 characters which is roughly equivalent to 400 words required of the other options for this assignment  

Examples as follows.  Note I did these randomly and quickly.  You will compose all fiften, then order them chronologically.  We will all tweet the last week of class 🙂   Whoever gets the most followers gets extra credit? 

So from this source the first paragraph might turn into this after googling to find dates 

emily Dickinson‪@GirlNWhite[add the historical date here February 1863]
@ higginson “war feels to me an oblique place” will miss Frazar Stearns so much Working on poem about him Victory comes late ‪#RsmntWH add hashtag to ID for our class.  (111)

this article‘s paragraph 3 + google search to find out  more information about Higginson’s regiment -. Army life in a black regiment

So proud of @ higginson for leading black soldiers regiment ‪#sobrave‪#slaveryiswrongCheers 4 the ‪#1stSCarolinaVolunteers‪#RsmntWH(118)

This video  led me to Dickinson’s poems, which are largely undated, so no date for this tweet
It feels a shame to be Alive/When men so brave are dead;/One envies the Distinguished Dust/Permitted such a Head #rsmntWH#warsux (139)

Information from this blog about her travel to Boston + this at the ever hepful Emily Dickinson Museum to get her cousins’ names + this timeline to clarify dates of travel, where I found brief quote abt her cousins I used in tweet) 
Emily Dickinson@GirlNWhite [late April 1864]
Dreading trip 2 #Boston so. I despair of every being well, but rejoice that I will be in the sweet care of @ FannyN & dear @ Loo #RsmntWH