nice resource on participant pedagogy & encouraging students to take ownership of their own learning 

In response to the above tweet, I decided to experiment this semester with  Participant Pedagogy. I have only five students in Gender, War and Peace, all of whom I know well and are my advisees. Four are history majors who participated in the student-driven course that led to this website

I needed to make some copies for students who didn’t have the book yet, so I left the students on their own.  Two had read the document shared by Rebcca.  One took notes as they began discussing what they want to learn. 

This is what they came up with

Women’s suffrage in Britain
American women’s suffrage
War as a product of gender
What women do in war
I then gave them the parameters, the course description says that we will learn about WWI, Vietnam and the first Gulf War.  They had already bought the book I assigned,  Elshtain’s classic Women and War (not sure how this book will work, but I didn’t like the ones we used last time I taught the course).   I’d selected three documentaries: The Great War and the Shaping of theTwentieth Century, Vietnam in HD, and Women, War and Peace
Each student decided to take a chapter of Elshtain, formulate 3 discussion questions.  They decided to post to a private Facebook group created by one student by the Sunday of the week of that reading.
During each documentary, each student will post to Facebook a response of 400-500 words.
Each student selected a topic although we have yet to decide what they will do in this topic, but it will probably be a presentation of some sort for the final examination based on course materials and additional research.
Women in Gulf I 
Masculinity in WWI
Women’s movement and Vietnam
What women did in World War I

I want to credit the peeps who contributed to the notes for the Session – THATCamp MLA January 2nd, 2013 Combination of “Participant Pedagogy” and “Engaging the Student in the Whole Process” session proposals

List of Participants

  • Andrew Logemann (@alogemann)
  • Jesse Stommel (@Jessifer)

  • Kim Freeman (@KimberlyFreema3)
  • Jill Pruett @whatiheardis
  • Sean Michael Morris (@slamteacher)
  • Anastasia Salter (@anasalter)
  • Melissa Sullivan (@mlsulli)
  • Paul Jaussen ( (
  • Fiona Barnett (@HASTACscholars)
  • Chuck Rybak @chuckrybak
  • Annemarie Perez @anneperez
  • Jessie Morgan-Owens @jjmorgan101