in keeping with every dang survey every published that shows employers “value” the “skills” of the “Humanities” I’m attempted to craft assignments in my courses that show students the “relevancy” of “humanities” to “today.”*

So as I  blogged before, students in my women’s history class have the option to tweet as a historical figure for a week at the end of the semester (turns out this is far harder than it sounds and requires tons of synthesizing source material).

I’m about to have students in my 20th century social movements course write a press release for the Wobblies based on readings, photos and sources.

Now I’m up to the Klan, which is proving a little bit more difficult, mostly because of my ideological bias against well, THE KLAN.  I’m considering targeting recruiting letters for the Klan as I want them to grasp the many different groups that found a “home” in the ideology.

other thoughts

 a slogan for the John Birch Society
a PSA for the free speech movement,

perhaps twitter campaign for NOW and the new right?

I’m all for other assignment suggestions though, so tweet ’em if you got ’em @professmoravec

* please note ironic use of scare quotes I’m all for the humanities just because they are good enough on their own.