be felled by disease running rampant through the college, along with no doubt the dreaded 8AM start time, and the result, a spirited debate ensued on our facebook group page about whether or not a higher percentage of the final grade should derive from participation in class discussion, which is intense for the first six weeks and/or if writing should be required to “make up” for missed discussions.

One student opined that “ people who don’t read won’t read unless they have to write for it”

another student concurred pointing out that As college is not exam based like high school … it seems conducive to learning

However to some students, the writing smacked too much of high school Responsibility should be students.

The proposal on the table is to take 5% from each of the midterm and final and move them to bring participation up to 20%.  Because of spotty attendance, I created a quick poll on Facebook.  I’ll update the returns. 

In terms of students leading the discussion, so far things are going fairly well.  The book is complex and requires a thorough knowledge of both history and philosophy.  I’ve taken to not re-reading before class so as to avoid the temptation to step in.  However yesterday I ended up delivering an extemporaneous 15 minute spiel on the origins of the public/private split.

hmmm already a digital device problem, at least two students using their smart phones as primary interface and isn’t/can’t find the “vote” button on FB.