we’ve almost made it to the midterm, but my oh my, this class is working its way along in fits in starts.  Our low point was 25% attendance, which resulted in a pretty fabulous conversation about the many possible explanation for the rise of the individual.

Most hilariously this week, I managed to oversleep leaving the class to literally teach itself until I got there.  That worked out surprisingly well since each class section has a discussion leader and the class has many senior majors who are more than adept at teaching.

We also took on the challenge of designing the midterm exam.  Initially students with prior experience in my class came up with familiar formats, paired identification terms, short answers etc.  One “newbie” stretched asking for a word search or a cross word.  My former students snorted, but I assured them that indeed we could go there.  However when I said we might end up with a clue along the lines of  1 down, his six criteria for just war are classic, they lost interest.

When I threw out that they could watch Rambo, which appears frequently in Elshtain’s book, they all eagerly agreed.  I drafted three potential exam questions and put them up in our facebook group. We’ll discuss on Wednesday before they begin the exam as a take home.