Students in this course learn not only about various 20th Century Social Movements, but acquire the skills to analyze, assess, and apply information from a variety of sources using a range of traditional and social media formats.

One of the first assignments the students took on involved multiple perspectives of the I.W.W.  Using information from our textbook (above), a documentary (above), as well as newspaper articles, or other materials they selected themselves, students wrote a synthetic account of the Wobblies in the voice of a historical figure.

The example I provided used Dorothy Day as the author. Students needed to indicate where precisely they integrated information from each source.

I have witnessed today a most shocking crime against the working man.  An organization dedicated to cause of the working class, the IWW, has been smeared, not by the power of the State as would be expected and has occurred all too recently under the guise of patriotism in the service of this benighted war of the capitalists.   [MM1] No I tell you, this libel comes from one who should best be on the side of the workers, the supposed “head” of that Union known as the American Federation of Labor.  Gompers however is no friend of any working man or of any true union.  Renown already for his slur on the IWW as a radical fungus on the working movement[MM2] , Gompers again today denounced his fellows among the working classes as a menace to society [MM3] in front of the Senate of the United States.  Gompers showed his lack of independence from capitalists as he slurred the IWW, which has of late found great success in organizing  the brethren of Michigan  [MM4] “it is a fierce form of radical IWW teaching and preaching akin to the revolutionary  socialism of the Continent of Europe.  It is a socialism born of class division and class antagonism.”  Gompers claims that the working man, who would normally seek solace in a glass of beer has been duped by the IWW[MM5] , but I say it is Gompers who seeks to trick the working classes!
This reporter, unlike Gompers who sat on the side lines, served as a nurse during World War I, yet remain committed to the solidarity and direct action of the the IWW.[MM6]   I have suffered in the fires of the persecution whose flames Gompers seeks to fan [MM7] and I say shame on him.  He is no friend of labor or unions, but a traitor who has helped to decapitate the IWW[MM8]  and created a climiate in which viligantes have beaten, kidnapped and deported hardworking fellow Americans[MM9] .

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 [MM7]Reference to Day’s arrest in iWW sweep references Ch 9 of her bio

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