Carly Hislop

Like my fellow radical supporters, “the IWW. is my religion and it’s the only one I got.” [C1]   I am eternally grateful for the quarter of a million members that have already supported our cause, the right cause, and the cause that benefits the working class of America.  Everyone’s sacrifice, time, economic hardships, and publications in support are cherished[C2] , yet we need a more powerful and drastic approach from those who feel the same.  We are “citizens of industry,”[C3] and we will stop at nothing to get the skilled unskilled working class the benefits and rights that they deserve. 
Our Manifesto states it correctly that there is “no silver lining to the clouds of darkness and despair settling down upon the world of labor.”  It’s a dog eats dog world that we cannot settle to abide by any longer.  Men like Gompers and Gould put down those who slave over industry and give no representation or voice to those who run our factories.  Calling us “the fungus of the working class”[C4] shows how minuscule they make us and treat our organization as a laughing stock. 
We cannot be afraid of the costs that may come with our protests.  The AFL president, Gompers, has criticized our efforts and said of the IWW “fanciful and chimerical and absolutely impossible”.  [C5] Let us all prove his crude remarks false and give the working class the labor union they deserve. 

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