Angelo Lamberto
I have said it before and I will say it again, the Industrial Workers of the World are “fanciful and chimerical and absolutely impossible!”[1] I have recently read that many of the different leaders and supporters of the IWW were arrested on charges of espionage, something that makes me snicker. They have become a nuisance to me and to the AFL, and I have tried very hard at squatting their attempts to move in and take control of many different workers. Not only have they become the AFL’s biggest rival in fighting for different workers, of course we are not trying to divide the working class. There is something to say, about a group who looks to take care of people who have a skill, people who have a talent to do some sort of job. Unlike the IWW, who will take anyone, and yes I mean almost anyone, we have a select clientele, one that gives us an upper hand to different groups. I have directed many of my supporters to stay away from the IWW, to not interact with them, and to even not offer them jobs. As you can see, I have done a lot to try to finish them, something that I have yet to do. With the United States entering the War, it has given the government reason to go after the IWW, making both, our lives and their lives better. Jay Gould has been heard saying, “I can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half.”[2] Something that I have thought hard about. It makes sense to me, that maybe he was talking about the skilled half and the unskilled half of the working class, and that would make sense as they are two separate people. The IWW have become a fungus[3] to the labor movement, they have hurt the progress that we have made. With the IWW being rounded up and thrown into prison, it makes my life, and the life of all the skilled workers so much better.

[1]The book.