Cierra Miller
“The laboring man will be protected not by labor agitators but by men of property” Baer

It has finally come to a point when the laboring class is displeased. In this displeasure they seek out the IWW, who are supposedly rallying[Cj1] followers to support the needs of the labor class. In their desperate attempt for joiners of this movement they are going after workers who already were previously in the AFL. The workers that join the IWW claim that they are not satisfied or reaping any benefits with the AFL and would join the IWW, whose structure is not that far from that of an[Cj2] uncompleted house. I applaud the AFL for not giving in to the Wobblies and working against them in order to keep production going. The AFL understands that labor is needed for production, just like the assembly line which needs the laboring class in order to help manufacture[Cj3] goods. Gompers in his understanding of the ineffective Wobblies, spoke out against them in a justified manner, calling them “fanciful and chimerical and absolutely impossible[Cj4] .”
The IWW has no requirements on who joins them, letting anyone[Cj5] from anywhere join their cause. This is nothing other than a desperate attempt to gain numbers and false support for their false movement. We can see that the leaders of the IWW have their own internal issues, arguing over what they actually stand for and having not true ideology or platform[Cj6] to work from. They obviously do not realize there should be no power struggle internally. The IWW should be looking toward the men that own the production sites instead of fellow trouble makers. Owners are the only persons in power to make some type of real change not the agitators. The IWW has no backbone and has no power to change anything for their supposed cause. The facts are in and any movement that has no requirement for their followers are merely a[Cj7] fungus on society.

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