So many me’s were present at the THTCampFeminism session that @triciamatthew suggested she proposed based on our blog conversation way back almost a year ago.
Tricia did the damn hard emotional labor of leading the conversation and I alternated between tweeting and racing the microphone around the large circle of 45-50 people (which I later learned was about 75% of the total conference attendance from Anne Jonas (@annejonas) who took great session notes ).
I listened to women of all colors share their fears and pains, and the teacher-me knew that in a group of this size that was probably the most valuable aspect of the session for many people, and I felt pain that not everyone would get a chance to speak in the short hour we had.
I storified all the tweets, because as I historian I’m concerned about the lack of documentation.  Yet the historian me also was struck so very forcefully by the comments, many of which made me feel as though I’d slipped through some hole in history into the past I write about.  
I heard women of color express their weariness at repeating the same conversations over and over again for the benefit of white women.  There were tweets too Brittany Cooper (@ProfessorCrunk) “We cannot always do the labor of making anti-racist work palatable for white people” and Daniela (@dcap) of the People of Color Zine project tweeted “To be honest, I have zero tolerance/patience for white ppl minimizing the fear POC process thru dealing with institutional racism”.
I stuck to tweeting my thoughts most of which center on white women pushing past discomfort and fear.

 .    everyone is afraid, don’t fall too much in love with your own fear <<< just me again #tcfe


.    22h
.    M.M. @ProfessMoravec 
just me again if you have power, use it well #tcfe


.    22h
M.M. @ProfessMoravec 
sadly i fear hope is not enough (me just me here) #tcfe

Expand just me now, white people obsessing about being called racist is just another way of making it all about white people.  Get over it. @ProfessMoravecIf you don’t want to be called racist, work to end racism. As long as “racism” exists, “racist” will. #tcfe

Tricia already blogged about her desire for “strategies.”  We went for drinks after with the wonderful Kim F Hall (@ProfKFH) and brainstormed some ideas.  I think this was the best one.  Find someone to do what Tricia and I have done, develop over time, on twitter, blog and emails, an in-depth conversation about the issue that interest us.  Inspired by Katie King, I worry less about “somehow turning out on the wrong ‘side,’” and focus more on  “contingent practices worked out in good faith.” (King, Networked Reenactments, 281).  Please share here, in the comments on Tricia’s blog, or on your own blog.