When I left off in Part II, I’d just explored the uses of “nature of” in Chrysalis. I discovered this today during lunch (DH = multitasking ALL THE TIME) and couldn’t wait to share.
Looking at words in context is in a way to understand the semantic prosody of a term, in other words the context of it as positive or negative.  In this case looking at the 85 instances in which the cluster “nature of” appeared in OOB, we can see an astoundingly negative correlation of its uses (49.4%).   The co-occurrence of “nature of” with problem (5) oppression (5) racist (5) point to the way “nature of” is spoken in the discourse of OOB.

Depending on how one feels about “work” the incidences of negative usage  could increase by 7 upping percentage 57.6%!

Click here for spreadsheet of results, which aren’t displaying nicely in any other fashion

Bolded are those I considered “negative” italicized questionable, plain text either neutral or positive. Since this is “brain” driven I’d love to know where you agree or disagree with how I coded.